General Council

The IPC General Council is composed of thirty-five members.

The members of the general council are:

  • Eighteen faculty and researcher representatives;
  • Six student representatives
  • Ten external personalities of recognized merit, not belonging to the institution, with relevant knowledge and experience;
  • One representative of the non-teaching staff.
  • Members of the General Council

    Persons not belonging to the institution

    Adalberto Campos Fernandes
    Ana Lídia Fernandes Oliveira Pereira
    Carlos Manuel Gregório dos Santos
    José Manuel Portugal
    Maria do Rosário Gamboa Lopes de Carvalho
    Maria Manuel de Lemos Leitão Marques – Presidente
    Maria Teresa Ferreira Soares Mendes
    Pedro Manuel Monteiro Machado
    Regina Maria Pinto Lopes
    Tiago Estevão Martins


    Representatives of teachers and researchers

    Adélio Alferes Saraiva (ISCAC)
    António Guilherme da Cruz Duarte Leal (ESEC)
    António José dos Santos Gabriel (ESTeSC)
    Carla Sofia Matos Silva (ESTeSC)
    Carlos José Pedrosa Rodrigues Veiga (ESTGOH)
    Cristina Isabel Ferreira Figueiras Faustino Agreira (ISEC)
    Cristina Maria Ribeiro Martins Pereira Caridade (ISEC)
    Eduardo Manuel Ferreira Almeida da Natividade Jesus (ISEC)
    Eugénia Cristina Peixoto Godinho Lima Deville (ESEC)
    Fernando Paulo dos Santos Rodrigues Belfo (ISCAC)
    Jorge Miguel Sousa Barreiros (ISEC)
    Maria Fernanda Ferreira Antunes (ESEC)
    Maria Madalena Eça Guimarães de Abreu (ISCAC)
    Pedro Nuno D´Almeida Monteirinho Pinto Bravo (ESAC)
    Ricardo Manuel da Conceição Rodrigues (ESEC)
    Rui Miguel Monteiro Soles Gonçalves (ESTeSC)
    Silvino Dias Capitão (ISEC)
    Susana Maria Dias Pereira (ESAC)


    Student representatives

    Catarina Gomes Ferreira (ESEC)
    Cristina Fernandes Trigueiro (ESTeSC)
    Hugo Marques da Fonseca (ISCAC)
    Mariana Sofia Ligeiro Nunes (ESTGOH)
    Nuno Rafael Oliveira Mendes (ISEC)
    Pedro Miguel dos Santos Fadiga (ESAC)


    Representative of the non-teaching staff

    Elsa Cristina da Silva Ramalho

    The General Council is responsible for

  • Elect its President, by absolute majority, from among the outside members;
  • Approve its regulations;
  • Approve amendments to the statutes, in accordance with the law;
  • Organise the election procedure and elect the chairperson, under the terms of the law, the statutes and the applicable regulation;
  • Review the acts of the chairperson and the board of directors, as well as those of the chairpersons, directors and administrative boards of the organic units;
  • To propose the initiatives it considers necessary for the smooth running of the institution
  • Perform any other functions prescribed by law or by the statutes.

    The General Council, under proposal from the President, is also responsible for:

  • Approving the medium-term strategic plans and the action plan for the four-year term of office of the President;
  • Approving the general guidelines of the institution in scientific, pedagogical, financial and patrimonial terms;
  • Approving the creation, transformation or extinction of organic units or sub-units;
  • Approving the annual activity plans and to appraise the institution’s annual activity report;
  • Approving the budget proposal;
  • Approving the consolidated annual accounts, together with the opinion of the sole auditor;
  • To set the fees due by the students;
  • To propose or authorise, in accordance with the law, the acquisition or disposal of the institution’s real estate assets, as well as credit operations;
  • Approving the IPC student disciplinary statute;
  • Approving the rules of protocol applied in IPC’s academic ceremonies;
  • To give its opinion on the remaining matters presented by the President.