Bachelor in Art and Design

Course Objectives

The Art and Design course, whose matrix is part of the vocation of polytechnic teaching, assumes the following profile of general objectives that, through their transversality, aim to reconcile the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences through a general formation in different fields of Art and Design:

a)   To offer a basic and specific training in the different disciplinary areas of Art and Design, supported by their theories and the methodology of the project, articulating the knowing how to think and the knowing how to do, in a time marked by mutations that put the professional before the frequent need to respond to situations and propose non-standard solutions;
b)   To provide general and vocational training, of optional nature;
c)   To combine a consistent and updated theoretical and practical training capable of responding to current mutations in the fields of art and technology, in turn supported by multidisciplinary practices oriented towards creation and innovation – a design that aims to articulate the basic and specific formations with the skills required for professional practice in the areas of art and design in relation to the problems and challenges of contemporary society: technological changes and work processes, multidisciplinary practices and teamwork, creation and innovation, the development of spaces and objects for a sustainable art and design, respecting the environment by the valorization of the ecological qualification strategies of the spaces;
d)   To articulate the basic and specific training with the different professional competences, in the context of the professional exits in the areas of the art and the design, promoting the professional insertion of the graduates and an attitude of openness to the projects of self-training and lifelong learning.

Access Conditions

Access to the course is through the following schemes:
a) National Acess Application (for candidates with a course of secondary education or equivalent degree);
b ) Special Applications (for candidates who fulfill the conditions issued in Decree 393 -A / 99 of 2 October);
c ) Special Applications (for candidates with: Above 23 years old candidates Evidences, college graduates and
Technological specialization courses – CET);
d ) Change of Degree/Institution.

The specific evidence required for access to the degree are one of the following: Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, History of Culture and Arts.

Professional Outlets

The course offers a general education in the fields of art and design, leading to the training of professionals who can act as:

Visual artists / Contemporary Art Creator
Scenographers / Visual animators
Graphic Designers
Equipment Designers
Industrial Designers
Spaces /Environments Designers
Exhibitions and cultural events organizers
Multimedia Artists
Art and design consultants
Senior technicians in city councils

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Learning Language


Learning Objectives

   To consolidate competencies based on critical reflection, aiming to build knowledge in an interdisciplinary perspective centered in Art and Design.
   To adopt new languages that mobilize new dialogue perspectives between contemporary work of art and design.
   To favour the integration of new interaction forms and knowledge acquisition, through ecologies that privilege the conceptual deepening.
   To value the implementation of concept and project advanced studies, having as reference innovation autonomous processes and contemporary creativity in different physical, social, and cultural contexts.

Access to Superior Studies

The Diploma in Art and Design grants qualification to continue studies in a Master Degree.

Course Coordinators

Common Core

Curricular Year: 1
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Art Theory 20042404 3 1st S
Design I 20042389 6 1st S
Design Theory 20042410 3 1st S
Drawing I 20042367 6 1st S
Plastic Arts I 20042378 6 1st S
Technique Representation System 20042395 6 1st S
Art an Design History 20042479 3 2nd S
Design II 20042443 6 2nd S
Digital Modelling 20042457 6 2nd S
Drawing II 20042421 3 2nd S
Photography 20042468 6 2nd S
Plastic Arts II 20042432 6 2nd S

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
3D Animation 20042515 6 1st S
Design III 20042509 6 1st S
Drawing III 20042485 3 1st S
Models and Prototypes 20042537 3 1st S
Plastic Arts III 20042496 6 1st S
Video Art 20042526 3 1st S
Art an Design Aesthetics 20042580 3 2nd S
Design Workshop 20042552 6 2nd S
Illustration 20042574 6 2nd S
Plastic Arts Workshop 20042548 6 2nd S
Production Techniques and Materials 20042563 3 2nd S

Curricular Year: 3
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Art and Design Techniques and Research 20042638 3 1st S
Art Project 20042591 6 1st S
Artistic Studies 20042605 3 1st S
Design Project 20042616 6 1st S
Design Studies 20042627 3 1st S
Art and Design Project 20042649 18 2nd S
Professional Insertion Seminar 20042651 12 2nd S