In order to ensure IPC students good housing at affordable prices, offering, at the same time, an adequate study and social environment, promoting their integration, SASIPC have two student halls of residence in Bencanta, four student halls of residence at Quinta da Nora and three houses in the ESAC forest area.

The student halls of residence in Bencanta (R1 and R2) have 204 beds, and the halls of residence in Quinta da Nora (R3) have an occupancy capacity for 144 students. The houses at the ESAC forest area (R4) assure accommodation for 19 students. The rooms are mostly double, except for the ones in “Casa das Mães” (Mothers’ House), incorporated in R4 (two female student halls of residence [16 beds] and a male student student halls of residence [5 beds]).


Features of IPC Student Halls of Residence

R1 and R2

- 96 double rooms, with private bathroom and central heating;

- 4 double rooms adapted to disabled students with kitchenette, bathroom and living room;

- 2 double rooms, with kitchenette and bathroom;

- 1 recreation room per block;

- 4 study halls per hall of residence;

- 4 equipped kitchenettes, per hall of residence;

- 1 laundry for the two halls of residence.



- 70 double rooms, with private bathroom and central heating;

- 2 double rooms, with bathroom adapted to disabled students;

- 1 recreation room per block;

- 1 study hall per floor;

- 1 equipped kitchenette, per floor;

- 1 laundry per block.


R4 (Inactive?)

Male hall of residence

- 2 double rooms;

- 1 single room;

- equipped kitchen;

- recreation room;

- laundry.


Female hall of residence

- 3 double rooms;

- equipped kitchen;

- recreation room;

- laundry;


“Casa das Mães” (Mothers’ House)

- 8 single rooms;

- 1 double room;

- Equipped kitchen;

- Recreation room;

- Laundry;


Applications for social accommodation

The application for accommodation must obey the deadlines established and published on this page and is exclusively submitted online.

At the moment of selection priority will be given to displaced fellow students.


Accommodation prices

- Fellow: 73.73€

- Non-fellow: 95.00€

- Erasmus: 125.00€

- Erasmus (Flat): 150.00€


IPC Student Residence Internal Regulation (link to the corresponding regulation)



R1 and R2

R. de Saramago - S. Martinho do Bispo; 3040-316 Coimbra

Tel.: 239 791 240



R. Pedro Nunes – Qta. da Nora; 3030-199 Coimbra



Qta. Agrícola, Bencanta, 3040-316 Coimbra