CEIPC integrates a multidisciplinary team respecting a balanced gender representation, composed of seven to nine members belonging to the IPC, in the areas of Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Arts, Exact Sciences, and Technologies and is directed by a President and a Vice-President. It also includes two external elements, one of which must be recruited from the community to ensure it represents its cultural and moral values.

Members in office for the 2019-2022 term

Internal members:

Adelino Manuel Moreira dos Santos – ESTeSC (took office on 29/05/2019)

Carla Sofia Duarte de Matos Silva – ESTeSC (took office on 27/01/2021)

Guilhermina Maria de Silva Freitas – ISCAC (took office on 29/05/2019)

Maria Antónia Pereira da Conceição – ESAC (took office in 29/05/2019)

Nuno Alexandre Cid Martins – ISEC (took office on 14/01/2020)

Pedro Miguel Pina de Jesus – ESTGOH (took office on 27/01/2021)

Sílvia Maria Rodrigues da Cruz Parreiral – ESEC (took office on 27/01/2021)


External members:

André Gonçalo Dias Pereira – University of Coimbra Faculty of Law (took office on 29/05/2019)