Business office

The Polytechnic of Coimbra intends to be a partner in market solutions and in that sense has recently created the Office of Interface with the Community (GIC) aiming at promoting and coordinating a strategy of connection to the community, transversal, in order to stimulate reinvestment in research, innovation and the provision of services, which promotes an effective connection to the institutions and companies of the territory.



The GIC intends to strengthen the promotion of projects with companies in national and international partnerships and the increase in the provision of specialised services, through:

– Organising tailor-made training projects for companies and building consortia;

– Identification of funding programmes, in articulation with the Institute of Applied Research for the development of projects in partnership;

– Creation of multidisciplinary teams for the development of innovation projects in response to specific business problems;

– Commercial valorisation of innovation to support technology transfer to the market;

– Organization of partnership events to bring the Polytechnic of Coimbra closer to the community’s needs.


We develop the connection to companies.

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