CINEP – Centre for Innovation and Study of Pedagogy in Higher Education is an organic structure of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC) created to support the teachers, with the aim of organising training and R&D actions and producing pedagogical resources and book publications of a scientific and pedagogical nature.

Mission – CINEP has the mission to promote the pedagogical qualification of IPC teachers and to stimulate innovation, quality and excellence in higher education.

Action – CINEP actions are focused on pedagogical innovation in higher education and include training and R&D actions, design of pedagogical resources for higher education and publications, and may also provide services for teachers from other higher education institutions.
The actions promoted by CINEP result from the identification of needs arising from applied research processes and pedagogical enquiries and also from the application of the Regulation for the Evaluation of Teaching Performance.
CINEP fosters cooperation with national and international higher education institutions, specifically in the area of academic research, publications and training activities.

Secretariat Benedita Alves – cinep@ipc.pt | benedita.alves@ipc.pt
Graphic Design Isabel Santareno – isabel.santareno@ipc.pt

Representatives in the UO/IPC

ESAC Rui Costa – rcosta@esac.pt
ESEC Dina Soeiro – disoeiro@esec.pt
ESTeSC Adelino Santos – adelinosantos@estesc.ipc.pt
ESTGOH Marco Veloso – marcoveloso@estgoh.ipc.pt
ISCAC Isabel Pedrosa – ipedrosa@iscc.pt
ISEC Carla Fidalgo – cfidalgo@isec.pt