Bachelor in Accounting and Public Management

Course Objectives

To train professionals with a high level of skills and abilities necessary for the management of public and business administration.
Address the lack of staff in public services with expertise in public accounting and public administration and management based on economy and efficiency criteria used in private organizations.

Access Conditions

Secondary school or equivalent and one of the following exams: Mathematics (16) or Economics (04) or Geography (09);
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Professional Outlets

Public Manager;
Senior Technician in Public Administration;
Tax Expert;
Management Consultant and Advisor;
Certified Accountant;
Auditor/Statutory Auditor.

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

Att the end of the study cycle, the degree in Accounting and Public Management must have the following skills: to coordinate the preparation of financial and public information; identify and solve accounting and / or public management problems; implement management techniques with particular emphasis on those of public management.

Access to Superior Studies

The graduate degree allows the students to apply for Post-graduate

Course Coordinators

Main Branch

Curricular Year: 1
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Basic Notions of Law 50003835 5 1st S
Introduction to Accounting 51001012 6 1st S
Introduction to Economics 51001034 4 1st S
IT Applications I 50001397 4 1st S
Management Principles 51001023 5 1st S
Quantitative Methods 51001040 6 1st S
Administrative Law 50003526 5 2nd S
Applied Statistics 51001111 6 2nd S
Financial Accounting 51000560 6 2nd S
IT Applications II 50001465 4 2nd S
Public Management Models 51001122 6 2nd S
Technical English-Accounting 50001430 3 2nd S

Curricular Year: 2