Master in Data Analysis and Decision Supporting Systems

Course Objectives

The institution has defined its own educational, scientific and cultural project, in which it assumes to be a “school-company, putting emphasis on a theoretical/practical training, adapted to an increasingly competitive labor market.

Access Conditions

The master’s degree in data analysis and decision support systems is intended preferably to graduates in Management, Economics, Accounting, Information Technology, Solicitors and other related fields. May further apply other graduates in the areas of social sciences and humanities who want to develop analytical and decision-making skills and strategy abilities.

Professional Outlets

Professionals in the area of management and administration.
Study, planning, strategy offices.

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

• Know and master the most appropriate techniques to data analysis
• Develop the extraction ability and interpretation of information
• Increase the capacity of decision and strategic thinking
• To create and manage a rigorous decision-making system
• Promote forecasting, monitoring of business
• Build and apply various research techniques used in social sciences
• Be committed to creating value and manage efficiently and effectively the implementation of actions and assess their progress.

Access to Superior Studies

The Master`s degree allows the entry into the third studies cycle which leads to the PhD.

Course Coordinators

Main Branch

Curricular Year: 1
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Business Analytics and Data Culture 51001441 5 1st S
Data Mining & Machine Learning 51001465 5 1st S
Programming for Data Science 51001430 5 1st S
Research Methodology and Techniques 51001413 5 1st S
Statistical data analysis 51001424 5 1st S
Statistics Complements for Data Science 51001459 5 1st S
Applied Forecasting 51001498 5 2nd S
Big Data 51001539 5 2nd S
Internet of Things 51001506 5 2nd S
Network Optimization and Social Networks 51001487 5 2nd S
Optimization Models 51001476 5 2nd S
Project 51001517 5 2nd S

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Dissertation 50009161 60 Annual
Internship 51001528 60 Annual
Project 50009205 60 Annual