Applied Hydraulics I

Base Knowledge

Students should have knowledge about Hydraulics, particularly pressurized flows.

Teaching Methodologies

Expository and inquiry method for explanation of theoretical subjects and resolution of exercises.

Execution of a project of a water supply system in groups of 2 or 3 students.

Learning Results

The goal of this unit to acquire the knowledge necessary for interpretation and design of water supply systems. Generic skills: application of knowledge and understanding; judgment and decision making; self-learning; teamwork; oral and written communication. Specific skills: design water supply systems; understand the hydrological phenomena and recognize the potential of the use of the water as an economic factor of production and social progress; introduce the main chemical, physical and biological processes involved in water treatment and sewage disposal applied in the design and management of treatment plants.


1. Fields of applied hydraulics. Brief references

2. Urban hydraulics. Introduction

3. Regulatory provisions and regulations

4. Water supply systems

4.1. Base elements

4.1.1. Project planning

4.1.2. Population

4.1.3. Domestic water demand

4.1.4. Other demands

4.1.5. Fire flow

4.1.6. Water loss and leakage

4.1.7. Peak factors

4.1.8. Average discharge and peak discharge

4.2. Overall design

4.3. Organs and constituent parts. Description and design

4.3.1 Intakes

4.3.2 Water treatment plants

4.3.3. Conveyance. Water hammer

4.3.4. Pumping stations

4.3.5 Reservoirs

4.3.6 Distribution networks

Curricular Unit Teachers





Notes provided by teacher.

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