Companies’ Management and Organisation

Base Knowledge

Nothing to report, as this is an introductory management course and is in the first year.

Teaching Methodologies

The course will work with theoretical-practical classes, seeking to combine the expository dimension of the subject with the necessary practical example, where the teacher and students will present and discuss the resolution of several exemplary cases in real life.

The purpose of these works is threefold:

i) develop organizations’ real problem-solving skills;

ii) familiarization of the student body with the application of the “Case Method”;

iii) enhance relations with other disciplines.


To speed up the understanding of the materials and make the exhibitions more attractive, different audiovisual media will be used.

Learning Results

1.Intended to make students fundamental concepts of management that enable to acquire a global vision of the
functioning of enterprises and of the importance of managing for success.
2.It is also pretended to present the student with some critical business functions for any company –
Innovation and human resources.
3.Finally it important to integrate knowledge through strategic thinking.
Competencies to be developed by the students:
1.Understand the management process
2.Understand the importance of innovation for business success.
3.Understand the central role of people in organizations.
4.Understand the need to develop the strategy that defines the way to success.


1. Management and managers
2. Functions of managers:
2.1. Planning
2.2. Organization
2.3. Motivate
2.4. Leadership
2.5. Control
3. Business functions:
3.1. Innovation
3.2. Marketing
3.3. Human Resources.
4. Integration: The Strategy Function

Curricular Unit Teachers




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