Database Fundamentals

Base Knowledge


Teaching Methodologies

The curricular unit will be lectured through a mix regime of theoretical and practical classes, although a distinction between them is made.

Learning Results

In this curricular unit it is expected the students to acquire sensibility to the issues of database creation and application, with special focus on the following items:
* recognize and distinguish data and information;
* know the different types of databases, especially the relational model;
* know relational database management systems;
* conceive entity-relationship diagrams;
* insure data coherence and normalization;
* create databases based on data models and E-R diagrams;
* insert, access, modify and delete data from tables using SQL;
* integrate databases in applications, specifically on the web.


The curricular unit addresses the following items:
* data and information concepts;
* basic aspects of set theory;
* introduction to databases;
* E-R diagrams;
* relational model;
* relation normalization;
* tables and data types;
* introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language), focusing both DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language), using MySQL;
* introduction to the development of web applications using databases through the use of Node.js.

Curricular Unit Teachers

Grading Methods

Periodical Evaluation
  • - Individual and/or Group Work - 50.0%
  • - Frequency - 50.0%
  • - Exam - 100.0%




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