Dissertation/ Project Work/ Internship and Report

Base Knowledge

Those acquired during the frequency of the curricular units of the course, until this one.

Teaching Methodologies

The supervisor will be in charge of the teaching methodology.

Learning Results

Apply the knowledge acquired over the MGEA curricular units at the work placement through an Internship, or in theory as a result of a Project or Dissertation.

 Acquire new skills related to the specific area in which this tuition takes place.

 Improve the employability of the student who must have either, an experience in the labor market or theoretical analysis with sufficient complexity to have business relevance.


The Student, may choose to follow one of the three paths described below:
 - Dissertation, and does a written research work
 - Project, and does a practical and experimental work based on a previous theoretical research.
 - Internship, does a work placement at a company/organization, and the aim is to develop practical knowledge and skills of the course areas. At    the end, a written report is done reflecting the apprenticeship.

Dissertation, Project or Internship (and report) always requires:
-Selection of a tutor and the specification of a work plan.
- Compliance with the Study Plan (Despacho No. 7273/2020).
- Written report.
- Assessment as specified in Despacho No. 7005/2019.

Curricular Unit Teachers




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