Introduction to Data Networks

Base Knowledge

C programming language.

Teaching Methodologies

Theoretical lessons: presentation and discussion of topics related to the proposed syllabus.
Practical lessons: presentation of topics on BSD sockets, mainly through the use of examples; and programming assignments.
Two laboratory assignments or an optional final practical exam.
A final exam.

Learning Results

This curricular unit aims at giving students the ability to understand and explain the main characteristics and issues of data networks. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as data transmission media, local area network technologies, and the main communication protocols on which the Internet is based (i.e., the TCP/IP protocol stack). This curricular unit also aims at enabling students to be able to plan and develop distributed applications/application protocols based on the UDP and TCP transport protocols.


Standards in data communications;
The TCP/IP and OSI protocol stacks;
Wired local area networks;
Wireless local area networks;
Ethernet technologies;
The ISO IEC-11801 standard;
Data transmission media;
Distributed applications based on the BSD sockets and on the C programming language.

Curricular Unit Teachers