Public Economics

Base Knowledge

It is expected that students will apply some concepts taught within the Microeconomics Curriculum Unit.

Teaching Methodologies

The development of the contents will be carried out on the basis of a theoretical and theoretical-practical approach, building a basic reference framework, either through exposure or from an application perspective, with problem solving.

Learning Results

Understand the economic justifications for the need for State intervention in the economy. Study the main functions of the State in the political and economic framework of public intervention, distinguishing the reasons of efficiency from social justice reasons. Understand and discuss collective choices and the political decision-making process. Study the efficiency and fairness of taxation. Characterization of the Portuguese tax system, subjecting it to international comparations.


I. Introduction

1. The relationship between the State and the Economy

2. Public economy and public finances

II – State intervention

1. Non-functioning market

2. Public intervention for reasons of efficiency

3. Public intervention for reasons of social justice

III – Theory and public policies in a context of uncertainty

1. Asymmetric information, private insurance, social security and health

2. Externalities, public policies and their effects

3. Poverty inequality and social well-being

IV – Taxation, efficiency and equity

1. Efficiency in taxation

2. The fairness of a tax system

3.The economic impact and the legal impact

V – The tax system Portuguese

1. Top tax rankings

2. Forms of taxation – the tax system Portuguese

3. International comparations

4. Measurement indicators of a tax system

VI – Long-term policies

1- Overview

2 – Market efficiency and supply-side policy theory

3 – Taxation as a price for intervention

4 – Labour market policy

Curricular Unit Teachers




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