Quality, Health and Security

Base Knowledge

Nothing to specify.


Teaching Methodologies

Theoretical-Practical classes use the informative and inquisitive method during the explanation of the theoretical subjects and proceed to the resolution of exercises in a group and individually.

Students will also do practical group work, whose main objectives are to deepen, consolidate and gauge the acquired knowledge.

Tutorials follow a methodology for competences and group learning (teamwork). Besides, students will be accompanied by clarifying doubts, solving exercises and guiding the practical work. Wherever possible, experts will be invited to give seminars and study visits.

Learning Results

Sensitize students to aspects related to Quality in Construction and the implementation of a Quality Management System in Construction. Acquire skills concerning Construction Safety, namely knowledge of the applicable legislation, the correct identification and use of protective equipment, the preparation of Safety and Health Plans. It is also intended to frame safety as part of a process ranging from the project to the execution of the work.


a. Introduction to quality in construction
b. Costs for achieving quality
c. Quality references
d. Contribution of key actors in the process
e. Quality and construction
f. ISO 9000 Standard
g. Implementation of quality management systems
h.Non-quality Costs

a. Introduction to building hygiene and safety
b. Risk analysis and its prevention
c. Codes and Legislation
d. Personal and collective protective equipment
e. Health and safety plan
f. Safety Procedure Sheet

Curricular Unit Teachers




Documents provided by the teacher.
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