Web Design I

Teaching Methodologies

1 .The methodological choices will focus on two key educational components:
– Theoretical-practical component – oral presentation oriented to the estimated contents;
– Practical component – study and presentation of works/productions and their authors and work development under the teacher guidance.

Learning Results

3.1 Acquire knowledge about the general principles of graphic design, design practice and development phases of a product, from briefing to project approval;
3.2 Acquire theoretical, practical, technical and aesthetic knowledge necessary for visual communication;
3.3 Know how to analyse alternatives in a web design project, taking into account the underlying visual message, and how to transmit the information to a targeted audience;
3.4 Develop data collection, analysis and selection of targeted information for the definition of grounded and creative strategies;
3.5 Know how to conceive, plan and organize graphic projects for web.


4.1. Introduction to Visual Design applied to the web
4.2. Projectual design methodology for the Web
4.3. Principles of visual design
4.3.1 Color, typography and image
4.3.2 Composition grid system and layout
4.3.3 Information hierarchy
4.4. Software to support the development of Web Design projects
4.5. Design of Visual Interfaces.

Curricular Unit Teachers

Grading Methods

Continuous evaluation
  • - Theoretical and practical (individual project) - 100.0%




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