Web Programming II

Base Knowledge

Since this curricular unit essentially serves the purpose of creating web sites and applications, it is desirable to have prior knowledge of programming, considering the support technologies used.

Teaching Methodologies

The curricular unit will be lectured through a mix regime of theoretical and practical classes, although a distinction between them is made.

Learning Results

In this curricular unit it is expected the students to acquire special sensibility to the development of websites and web applications with dynamic interfaces and contents, focusing:
* development of applications with interactive interfaces, through client-side programming;
* data transfer between client and server;
* development of web applications with dynamic content defined on the server side;
* creation of applications and websites with dynamic interfaces and content, developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (combined with Node.js).


The curricular unit includes the following contents:
* recognition of the technologies most used in creating applications and websites;
* development of projects with interactive web pages using HTML+CSS+JS;
* development of web projects with dynamic content, using JS/Node.js;
* data transfer between client and server by means of the HTTP protocol, synchronously and asynchronously (using AJAX);
* user authentication and access control to resources;
* data storage on server files;
* creation of a complete web portal, combining client-side and server-side programming, testing and proofing the solutions used.


Curricular Unit Teachers

Grading Methods

Periodical Evaluation
  • - Practical work 1 - 10.0%
  • - Frequency - 50.0%
  • - Practical work 2 - 40.0%
  • - Theoretical Component - 50.0%
  • - Practical Component - 50.0%




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