Land Use Planning and Management

Base Knowledge

Not applicable.

Teaching Methodologies

The intended teaching methodologies include expositive and inquisitive dynamics, as well as problem solving, individually or in groups. It is also envisaged the written and oral presentation of reports with a view to developing written and oral communication skills.

Learning Results

  • Knowledge of the conceptual basis of Territorial Planning.
  • Knowledge of the skills and duties of municipalities in the urban planning  domain, and the legal framework and instruments of municipal urban planning and management activity.
  • Knowledge and application of fundamental techniques of demographic, physical and urban analysis.


  1. Theories and concepts of spatial planning
  2. Sustainable urban planning
  3. Planning and spatial management in Portugal
    1. Legal framework
    2. Local authorities: definition; types; duties and competences in the urban field
  4. Municipal urban planning
    1. Concetual and legal framework
    2. Fundamental operational instruments and techniques: demographic, physical and urban analysis
  5. Municipal urban management
    1. Practices and procedures of the urban management activity with special focus on licensing
  6. Main diplomas of Portuguese Urbanism Law

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