Mechanics of Materials II

Base Knowledge

Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials I

Teaching Methodologies

In Theoretical-Practical classes, the expository and inquisitive methods are used. During the explanation of theoretical issues, students proceed with the resolution of exercises. In Tutorial classes, individual learning skills and teamwork are explored by clarifying theoretical doubts and following up on the various assignments-works.

Learning Results


Provide the fundamentals of the mechanical behavior of deformable solids. To study the behavior of solids when subjected to different loading states, interpreting and calculating the specific stresses and deformations produced by the loads. Derive formulas and equations that allow to predict the mechanical behavior of the materials. Provide methodologies for analysis of stresses and deformations in linear parts subject to axial stress and bending. To develop the fundamental concepts of design and verification of the safety of structures subject to different internal forces.


1. General competences

-decision-making capacity

-capacity for expression and communication

-ability to ensure quality

2. Generic competences

-ability to apprehend, analyze and synthesize

-problem-solving ability

-ability to apply knowledge and adapt to new situations

-capacity to carry out autonomous and group work

-development of autonomy in learning

-ability to predict and issue judgments

3. Specific competences

-know the theoretical and practical bases that support the design of structures


1.Bending deformations

2. Deviated bending and combined bending-axial force

3. Uniform torsion

4. Shear force

5. Instability phenomena; buckling and bending-torsional instability

Curricular Unit Teachers




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