Project or Traineeship

Base Knowledge

Project/traineeship dependent.

Teaching Methodologies

The methodology for the monitoring of the project/traineeship will be established by the responsibility of the supervisor, but generally consists of regular meetings with the suitable frequency for the work/ student involved. If it is a traineeship, the responsible for the host entity should be present whenever possible.
Additionally, the supervisor may require to the student a series of intermediate reports as another way to control compliance with all the steps and tasks established. At the end, the student should write a final report reporting all the work done.
The assessment is made by a jury composed of at least three lecturers (DEIS-ISEC supervisor and two without participation in the project/traineeship), and is based on the documentation provided by the supervisor, and a public presentation with discussion.
The final score is on a scale of 0 to 20, requiring a minimum score of 9.5 points for approval to the course unit.

Learning Results

The specific objectives depend on the project/traineeship to develop. However, it is expected that students acquire the following generic skills:
– Apply their knowledge and their understanding ability to solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations.
– Report its findings, knowledge and underlying reasoning of the developed works.
– Implement general computer applications.
– Present and convincingly explain the options underlying the developed projects.
– Justify proposed solutions that will integrate specific project.
– Make judgments and decisions related to the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the project development.
– Promote the exchange of ideas and discussion of problems.
– Develop a professional attitude towards work.
– Develop habits of self-learning.
– Work in multidisciplinary teams.


They have a professional nature. It is expected that both will be held, preferably, in the branch area and that it will be made in companies or industries that are active in that area. In the case of the Project, it is intended to be a work to be done in DEIS but in strict collaboration with business and industry.

Curricular Unit Teachers