Master in Human Resources Management

Course Objectives

The master degree in People Management aims at providing a high level and rigorous education that allows to develop technical and scientific skills to students who intend to develop a professional activity within mangement sciences.
This study cicle focuses the most fundamental concepts in people management in the XXI century, comprising all management tools and processes needed for an effective management of people and for an integrated management of organizations.
The permanent and increasingly fast change within economic activities brings new challenges to organizations, demanding a swift and effective action, namely concerning people management.
The knowledge acquired through this study programme will undoubtly increase the added value the students will transfer to their professional activities and help organizations become more robust and sustainable.

Access Conditions

To apply to this study cycle, candidates must either:
a) have a bachelor degree or legal equivalent by a portuguese higher education institution;
b) have a bachelor degree or legal equivalent by a foreign higher education institution, organized by the rules of the Bologna process;
c) have a higher education degree by a foreign higher education institution, recognized by the Scientific Council of the school as fulfilling the requirements of a bachelor degree;
d) have a proffessional, educational or scientific experience that the Scientific Council of the school recognizes as suitable for attending the study cycle.

Professional Outlets

– HR manager
– Consultant
– Trainer
– Recruitment manager

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

By completing this degree, students will be prepared to:
– know and apply the most suited techniques in people management,
– increase their skills to lead and motivate, by using the best people management methods in any kind of organization,
– develop correct human resource planning, organization and control procedures,
– develop strategies aligned with organizational goals, allow organizations to foresee and plan for future trends in people management
– develop policies and procedures that respect ethical, legal, social and environmental principals, thus directing organizations and human resources management,
– creating and managing a rigorous decision making system,
– be fully committed to the need for value creation and efficient management

Access to Superior Studies

The completion of this study program will allow graduates to apply to doctorate programs

Course Coordinators

Tronco comum

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Dissertation 50009161 60 Annual
Project 50009205 60 Annual
Training and Report 50009238 60 Annual